Native Prairie & Grassland Restoration

We are dedicated to restoring past grasslands to the highly diversified native prairies they once were. Farmers, ranchers, landowners and others are converting their historical grasslands back to natural prairies. Prairies once comprised the largest biome in North America and the diversity of life found there may harbor new fuels, foods, medicines and other products as yet undiscovered. We have the latest training and techniques to achieve a successful restoration project. We will provide plant stock and seeds that originated from species within a very close geographic range of your restoration project.  We can monitor and maintain prairie restoration projects to ensure their survival and success. We practice ecologically sound techniques with proven success in controlling invasive species.

Wildlife & Vegetation Surveys

Wildlife and vegetation surveys are an important component of successful wildlife management. BEC specialized in bird surveys, deer surveys, butterfly surveys, turkey roost counts and plant transects.

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Phase I Surveys

Wetland Delineation

GIS Mapping

What We Do

Let us design, restore and manage  your environmental needs.

BEC specializes in wildlife management, habitat restoration, compliance, endangered species, educational services, native plant landscaping, pond management, wetlands, watersheds and water quality.

We do animal surveys including birds, butterflies, dragonflies, general vertebrates, deer, small mammals, general insects, plant surveys and species diversity.

Wildlife Management

  • Agricultural Valuation Wildlife Management Plans
  • Game Management Plan for Target Species
  • Quail Restoration Plans (Northern Bobwhite Quail Initiative)
  • Brush Control
  • Prescribed Burns
  • Management Plans for Non Game Species
  • Waterfowl Management
  • Baseline Inventories
  • Surveys (Birds, Insects, Mammals, Herps, Plants)
  • Bird Checklists & Breeding Bird Surveys
  • GIS Applications
  • Soil Surveys and Rangeland Assessment

Pollinator Gardening & Native Landscaping

  • Native Landscaping Plans & Management
  • Why We Support Native Species Restoration
  • Native Plants & Seed for Restoration and Landscaping
  • Landscaping for Butterfly, Birds and Wildlife
  • Historical Gardens
  • Backyard Ponds
  • Native Plant List

Educational Presentations

  • Workshops
  • Training Institutes
  • Curriculum Development & Products
  • Educational CDs and Materials
  • Joint Formal & Informal Research Projects

1-D-1 Ag Exemption for Wildlife Exemption

"To apply for property tax appraisal of open spaced lands as authorized by Section 1-d-1 of the Texas Constitution, including appraisal of agricultural lands, timber lands, or land used for wildlife management,, a landowner must request a 1-d-1 Open Space Appraisal Application from the County Appraisal District. Only properties that are currently being appraised as agricultural lands or timber lands may convert to appraisal based on wildlife management. Landowners wishing to apply for wildlife management appraisal must include with their application a wildlife management plan."   --Texas Parks & Wildlife