• Areas of expertise: Chemistry, environmental studies, wildlife surveying, Ranch management, zoology 
  • Currently a Senior Animal Research Technologist at MD Anderson Cancer Research Center
  • Certified Master Naturalist
  • Both a hunter and passionate conservationist

Pat Merkord
President & Senior Biologist 

  • B.S. Texas A&M University-Kingsville; M.A. Texas State University in Biology (Wildlife Management)
  • Current Executive Director of the Native Prairies Association of Texas
  • Over 20 years of experience creating and presenting workshops on plant identification, water quality, wildlife restoration, wildlife management, creating pollinator habitats, conservation easements



Jeffery Haller
Senior Biologist



  • B.A. University of Texas in Geography, Minor in History; experience in GIS, regional land use patterns, natural resources
  • Specializes in small business start-up
  • Avid outdoorswoman: loves camping, hiking, kayaking , birdwatching and travel
  • Native Prairies Association  of Texas and Ducks Unlimited Volunteer

The Team



Qualified professionals dedicated to your project.

Our consultants offer years of experience with state and federal permit requirements, tax assessments for conservation programs, environmental assessments, endangered species permitting and NEPA compliance. We specialize in restoring land to its natural state in rural or urban areas, landscaping and restoration expertise. We are dedicated to education about our natural environment through workshops, technology and speaking engagements.

  • B.S. Texas A&M University-Kingsville (Math & Biology double major); M.S. Texas A&M University-Kingsville (Statistics & Biology double major)
  • Volunteer with the Native Prairies Association of Texas; Management Team Leader at Lawther - Deer Park Prairie
  • Areas of expertise: GIS, computer programming, wildlife studies, grassland restoration, seed banking

Cody Roberts

  • B.S. East Central University in Environmental Science; M.S coursework in Environmental Studies
  • Areas of expertise: land surveying, wetland ecology, non-profit fundraising, Ranch & Resort management
  • Outdoorsman that loves off-the-grid camping and backpacking, fishing, hunting, kayaking and travel
Glenn Merkord
Vice-President & Senior Biologist



Nicole Roberts
Director of Business Development